10 Reasons It Is Time To Update Your Estate Plan - Reason 1

You have moved - its time to check in with your Estate Planning Attorney!

First check the jurisdiction to where you have moved. Most states have similar laws, but some differ greatly. For example some states allow hand written wills with out witnesses and others do not. Or some states require a spouse to inherit a minimal percentage of your estate and some do not. So if you have changed states, talk to an Estate Planning attorney ASAP.

Second, when you moved you probably bought a new home, perhaps opened new accounts. If you have a trust, did you put that new home or account into your trust? If not, do it. Further, did you leave specific gifts of property in your trust or will and has that changed? If so get an update.

Finally, State Estate Tax laws differ by state. Example California does not have a State Estate Tax, but Oregon does. So for example, if you have Oregon property it could effect your California property with their State Estate Tax and that could have been avoided with a properly drafted trust.

Estate Planning attorneys are like your primary care doctor, you should go in for a check up from time to time and especially if there is some major change in your financial or estate health.


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