Attorney discovers he has 75 children!

Attorney Ben Seisler picked up extra money while attending law school by donating to a sperm bank. He earned about $150 per donation, the Boston Globe reports. He apparently visited the sperm bank often.

In 2005, he used his donor number to register with an online tracking site called the Donor Sibling Registry. Seisler learned he had at least 75 children, the story says. And the 33-year-old lawyer expects the number to grow to between 120 to 140 children. He uses an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all.

Seisler is profiled in a Style network documentary that chronicled the issues, including the anger of the woman who became his wife. The program airs tonight. “What if they all come knocking?” she asks angrily on camera. “Did you think of the consequences that would come out of this?”

The quest is, does Mr. Seisler have his estate planning in order and at lease a paragraph stating something like: "I have intentionally, and not as a result of any mistake or inadvertence, omitted in this Will (or Trust) to provide for any other children and/or issue of mine, if any, however defined by law, presently living."

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